September 01, 2016

Mt. Elbrus, Russia

Acclimation Hiking
Morning Views from Basecamp
 Basecamp/Sleeping Huts
 Interior of Sleeping Huts

 Russian food was amazing for a basecamp at 3500 meters
 Sunrise on Summit Day
Found a Friend 

August 13, 2016

Upcoming Travel Plans


Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe, and one of the Seven Summits. It's located just in Russia, though it is only a few miles/kilometers from the border of Georgia. Though Elbrus is the highest summit in Europe, it is one of the technically easiest of the higher peaks on the continent.


171 identified great white sharks and counting. Imagine descending to 30 feet and going face-to-face with our big toothy friends in beautiful blue water with typical visibility of 125 + feet. October and November are when the "big momma" female sharks move into the area. These enormous sharks can be over 18 feet long! The opportunity for diving is virtually unlimited between between our submersible, suspended and surface cages.


Ecuador’s TripleCrown

Some of the highest volcanoes on earth can be found in Ecuador, at the northern end of the Andean Chain. This exciting trekking and climbing holiday will give you the opportunity of climbing three peaks over 5000 metres in Ecuador, including reaching the furthest point on the planet from the centre of the Earth!

·  Climb Chimborazo (6310m), the furthest point from the centre of the Earth
·  Ecuador’s 3rd largest peak Cayambe (5790m) & Illiniza Norte (5020m) 
·  Preparation climbs on Imbabura (4616m) and Yanaurco (4535m)


    This is a custom tailored trip to bring you to the best shark diving hot spots in the world, where you can spend hours diving with big predatory sharks. This is a liveaboard diving adventure aboard the Dolphin Dream an 85 x 26 foot Ocean Expedition Vessel. Along with the stars we are there to see, it is also possible to dive with Lemon sharks, reef sharks, nurse sharks and Bull sharks on this adventure... however the reason we are there is for opportunities to dive with tigers and great hammerheads.

    If and When I Get Laid Off

    Cycling the Southern Tier from San Diego to Jacksonville FL

    Overland Ultimate Eastern Europe from Estonia to Greece

    More Overland from Mongolia to Armenia. Some of it on my own without a group, but the rest with a group along the Silk Route Between Tbilis and Bishkek

    Then Sri Lanka, but overland and scuba diving, then a bunch of the middle east "oil states"  UEA, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

    Then off to then entire (well almost) continent of Africa - Trans Africa - from Morocco to South Africa to Egypt. 

    Then off to South East Asia - Overlanding in Myanmar and Cycling in Vietnam.  Perhaps some Scuba Diving in the South Pacific (although still to be determined). 

    Then finally New Zealand... 

    June 18, 2016

    Father's Day 2016

    CT Adventures

    Horseback Riding - Gold Rush Farm, Easton CT
    Norwalk Sailing School - My First Sailing Lesson
    Hanging w/ Buddy Choco
    Kobe Beef Burger - Wasn't Bad.