November 18, 2017

Camel Burger, Fes, Morocco

I tried the camel 🐫 burger! It was seasoned well, but it really did kinda tasted like beef. Perhaps it was beef... or camel tastes very similar to beef. I don't know. 🤔

November 15, 2017

The Market - Fes, Morocco

I've noticed my first impressions of a county that I'm visiting is influenced a little on which country I previously visited, especially if the two countries are significantly different. For example walking around Dubai, UAE after spending ten days in Bhutan made me smile when I mentally compared how the citizens of the two countries lived. 

Walking around this old school market in Fes after spending the previous fews days in London had me consciously reminding myself that these markets are "real" where local people actually shop and aren't just setup for the tourist.  My second thought or is this market just for tourist, but after close examination it definitely wasn't. I'd say at least 85% of the shoppers are local. And what was even stranger, a large European supermarket, Carrefour is located just 2.5 kilometers away.  Two very different type of markets at complete opposite ends of the shopping spectrum. 

Turkish Bath (Hamam) and Massage, Fes Morocco

November 13, 2017

Made it to Morocco, EVENTUALLY

I made it to Morocco faster than expected, because I missed my original flight to Rock of Gibraltar and the fights the following day were all booked. Instead, I flew ahead to Fes Morocco and booked myself into a quaint hotel.  In two days, the overland truck and the "group" will arrive in Fex.  I'll join them then. On the bright side, I have two days to myself to relax and organizationally prepare for the Trans Africa trip, which I desperately need.

Why did I missed the plane? All I can say is that I "spaced". I thought the flight was at 7pm, when it was 7am.  I always had it in my head the group would be leaving London on 11th November after a group meeting, which I assumed we would have.  During a two week whirlwind tour of Europe (London, Amsterdam, Luxembourg City and Copenhagen), I received the flight ticket from the tour company. The email did not mentioned a meeting, but the ticket indicated the flight was scheduled for 7 o'clock. And I logged it in my head as 7pm.  I even checkin the night before online. I downloaded and printed my boarding pass.  The boarding pass said 7 o'clock. I should have realize if the flight was at 7pm the ticket should have read 19 o'clock. It did not register.

In retrospect to make the mishap worse, another passenger even messaged me the night before and said he was staying overnight near the airport. In my head I said that's odd; what is he gonna do all day at the airport? The flight is at 7pm. The next day, I got up early, went jogging and then to my friend's son's football game followed by the farmer's market for lunch.  While purchasing lunch, I got an email. Are you okay? Where are you? The flight left at 7am without you.

The nine days in the U.S. visiting family and friends, followed by two weeks in Northern Europe were exhausting.  I planned everything myself, plus "perhaps" I tried to squeeze too much into such a short time period.  I'm looking forward to the Trans Africa trip to slow my life down a bit. Many days will be just sitting in the back of the truck reading - I have a kindle huge reading list - and in the evening camping without WiFi or electricity.

Now I have two days to chill and relax by myself...

Indoor Pool when I arrived. 

Private breakfast by the indoor pool the next morning. It all works out in the end. 

November 12, 2017

St. John's

St. John London, UK is listed as 91st in the 2017 top restaurants in the world. It's an interesting place. It's taken old school British food and is serving it with flare. 

Roasted Bone Morrow and Parsley Salad

Deviled Kidneys on Toast 

Cold Middlewhite and Dandelion 

Lamb Faggots and Suede 

"St. John’s cooking is famously full-on, but also sophisticated, concocting flavours that are delicate as well as rich. Perhaps as influential, however, has been its almost defiantly casual style: a Michelin-starred restaurant for people who run from the very idea." - Timeout

During lunch, by coincidence I met two people that I worked with at GE.  They were based in London. At GE, our meetings were mostly by conference call. I didn't recognize one of the two, at least not until he talked.  He sounded familiar. I thought to myself, he sounds like someone from GE.  I couldn't think of his name.  I dismiss it.  Then I glance at the another guy with him.  He looked familiar. I've definitely met him before.  Eventually, I said "hi".  They were both former GE employees. 

Noah’s Football Game, London, UK

While my plane to Rock of Gibraltar, I was watch and photographing Noah’s football match. At least, his team won!

November 11, 2017

Hedone, Chiswick, UK

Hedone was clearly miss ranked as 98th in the 2017 best restaurants in the world. There was absolutely nothing special about this restaurant.  The fish and chip starter was really basic and the meringue dessert clashed with the Riesling wine - biggest fail ever for me during a tasting menu with wine paring. I even verbally requested a copy of the evening menu and was told it was not available. I also subsequently requested the menu, but never received a response. Don't waste your time or money.

City Tour 3 - London, UK

November 09, 2017

Relae, Copenhagen, Denmark

Relae was basically a Michelin one restaurant - no more no less.  Nothing was outstanding, yet nothing was terrible.  Not sure why it's ranked 39th in the 2017 list of world 50 best restaurants in the world.

Pike perch, turnip 

Hokkaido pumpkin

Gothenborg duck & autumn greens 

Aronia & purple wheat