May 20, 2017

Moscow, Russia

Inside Red Square - Selfie outside Saint Basil's Cathedral 

Largest canon in the world, inside the Kremlin Walls, but it doesn't work, nor has it ever worked. Next to it, the largest bell in the world. I doesn't work either, nor it ever worked. 

Springtime in Moscow, a bit behind the Northeast USA

Jospeh Stalin's Grave Site

Inside the Kremlin Walls

My worldly belongings for the next 6 months.
My a

May 12, 2017

Southern Tier - St. Augustine, FL

Made it to the Atlantic Ocean! Lots of mixed emotions. Crossing Northern FL was amazing tho. FL is perhaps my fave state to cycle in now. It's very cyclist friendly. I've also learned how to become a "spinner" instead of a "masher" after my injuries. Starting to believe my "mashing" and century days were partially (mainly) the cause of my hip and IT band injuries. They seem to be on the mend now... on to the next adventure... eastern europe next week!

May 08, 2017

Southern Tier - Food

Chinese Buffet - Fusion Grill, Tallahassee FL

Lamb Kabob w/ Greek Salad, Pitas and Hummus - Sahara Cafe, Tallahassee, FL 

"Trash Plate" (Hash browns w/ ham, cheese, onions, tomatoes, etc.) - Waffle Iron, Marianna, FL

"Hippy Hash" w/ two eggs over easy and grits - The Diner, High Springs, FL

Ramen Noodle Soup - Crane Ramen, Gainesville, FL

Southern Tier - O'Leno State Park, FL

O'Leno State Park was fine, except that there was no "hiker/biker" "tents only" campsite, so I had to pay $25 to camp in a RV site with electric and water hookup, but I used neither.  

In the site next to me, about 30 ft away, a couple started arguing and playing loud country music at 10 pm.  By 10:30 after a shouting match, the guy got into his truck and left.  The woman had her own car and eventually packed up and left too.  They were both very drunk and angry at each other.  

In the campsite on the other side of me, was a huge RV with a family of four.  The father was nice. He worked in finance, but I really wasn't in the mood to chat.   He offered me a s'mores, but declined and hid in my tent.  

May 05, 2017

Southern Tier - Suwannee River State Park, FL

There was some amazing Spanish Moss canopy roads on my way Suwannee River State Park.  It was the day, after the rest day in Tallahassee.  I took the rest day not because I need it but because thunderstorms where being forecasted.  And it did thunderstorm all day.  The following day, the day of riding, it was chilly, mostly in the high 60's and little sun. 

Since I cut down on my cycling daily mileage, I arrived at the park early and had some time to hike around the park.  I was taking in the FL fauna, especially the Spanish Moss. 

May 04, 2017

Southern Tier - Florida Caverns State Park

Probably the best campsite that I stayed at all trip.  The state park actually had a separate "tent only" area and it was a Tuesday night.  No one else was in the area.  Plus it was a short cycling day, so I got there early and was able to walk around the park. 

More state parks should have "hiker/biker" campsites at a cheaper rate and without being surrounded by massive RVs.