February 20, 2011

Weekend Update

About three weeks ago, I switched gyms from a $79 per month gym that was only open during the weekend from 7 to 1 on Saturday morning to a gym that costs $32 per month and is open 7 to 7 on Saturdays and Sunday. The switch was intended to maximize my weekend gym-time at a lower cost, but what I didn't consider was the change in clientele. The previous gym's clientele was mostly corporate smattered with a few obese one-monthers. My new gym in located on a highway and attracts the Portuguese version of the "Jersey Shore". Lot's of wife-beaters, big-hair, muscles, tans, press-on-fingernails, gold jewelry, etc. As they say, you get what you pay for, innit? Maybe I'll make some new friends.

This weekend, I also finished my taxes, watched the last few episodes of "Skins" Season 4 the UK version obviously, joined twitter, drank a bottle of wine followed by some derogatory comments on conservative bogs, took a lot of naps (exhausting week at work), read some investing news, shifted some investments, research the cost of college tuition (for work), but never got around to labeled those Russian pics, maybe next weekend. I can't wait for spring. This cold weather is killing me.

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