March 17, 2011

Crisis Fatigue

Middle East unrest. It started in Tunisia, moved to Egypt and Libya, now Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Thank you, social networks, Twitter and Facebook, for promoting democracy and higher oil prices.

Japan Earthquake. Nuclear meltdown. 10,000s dead. Slowing of Japan's economy. GE stock, a producer of nuclear power plant, down significantly. Health concerns continue.

European Debt Crisis. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain about to default on their debt. Dramatic cuts in social and fiscal programs cut. High unemployment. More cuts to come. More social unrest.

On going U.S. Financial Crisis. Housing market still has another year or so of declining prices before housing market can clear. Consumers with jobs are spending, putting the U.S. recovery on firm footing, but unemployment continues at high levels.

Higher world commodity prices, Local and state government budget shortfalls, Poor network TV programing..... Another Crisis? Who Cares...

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