May 02, 2011

2012 Elections

How can Obama NOT get re-elected in 2012? Birth certificate and Osama bin Laden within a week? Come on. Really now?

Obama reformed health care, returned the economy from worst recession since the depression, killed Osama, restored America's honor internationally, repelled DADT, stopped war Iraq, etc. Plus the GOP has no worthy opponents!

All the GOP has is W. Bush's legacy: allowing the 9-11 attacks to happen, allowing a mortgage bubble to form by not regulating banks, crashing the economy, waging war on Iraq because of false WMD, etc.

If W. was smart, he would have waited on Iraq. Social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, would have caused social up risings in Iraq today, like in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain. If Saddam Hussein were a live and ruling today, his people would probably have ousted him from office. Billions of U.S. taxpayers dollars could have been saved and thousands of U.S. military lives spared.

Yes, Obama still has to deal with high gas prices and the deficit/debt is huge, but there's still a year and a half.

The G.O.P. isn't helping themselves by telling their old, white, religious constituency that Medicare and Medicate needs to be cut to reduce the deficit/debt. Even Obama is starting to look better.

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