May 14, 2011

The Humor of Ronald Reagan

Bush W. has destroyed most all Reagan's principles, causing the general public to loose it's faith in the Republican Party. Currently, there's much of a campaign platform for the Republican Party to campaign on. Huckabee understands this and dropped out of the Presidential race.

Bush W. weakened the U.S. DEFENSE. He failed to protect the country on 9/11 and catch bin Laden. He tarnished American's image aboard which Obama has started to restore.

Bush W cut TAXES, but increased government spending on homeland security and Iraq war. He talked about SMALL GOVERNMENT, but supported large government spending. He added a billion dollars to national debt to fund the war. Facebook/Twitter could have started a similar uprising in Iraq today for FREE.

Bush W. promoted DEREGULATION, which allowed financial institutions to create the mortgage crisis and the worst recession post-WW2.

The only platform the G.O.P has to campaign on is on lowering the national debt. Obama and his "stimulus package", and lower tax revenue due to the recession added significantly to the debt. The G.O.P. will not let him forget it.

But as the economy gains momentum over the next year, we'll see higher tax revenues and lower unemployment, many will even start forgetting about the debt, too.

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