August 16, 2011

My Life Is Officially Boring!

When I'm officially bored, I look through the pictures on this blog, and recall my life was interesting and fun once upon a time. Now I'm making lots more money and I'm bored and miserable. Hey but at least I have money!


1) Purchase a new Toyota Prius. New wheels! Nice after driving my 1996 Altima for hundreds of years.

2) Drinking more hard liquor. Don't have to get up in the middle of the night and pee as much.

3) Stuck in a corporate employ transfer contract. It's making my life miserable.

4) Awesome housemates in CT, couldn't ask for better; totally cool, friendly, polite, interesting.

5) My Arctic trip to Norway, Greenland, and Iceland (again) is approaching in early September. 2 wk vaca!!

6) I have A LOT to say about the economy, stock market and 2012 presidential election, but I'm alway too tired to post.

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