September 02, 2011

Successful New Adventure Start

My SAS plane departed 7 pm yesterday evening. After 7 hours, I arrived in Oslo, Norway, sleeping the entire time. Sleep induced by two huge New Castle Ales and a Beef Brisket sandwich at the airport bar/lounge.

From Oslo to Longyearbyen , Norway, it took another four hours, again sleeping most of the way. The people here in Nowary are extremely pleasant and helpful.

I spent the most time ever chatting with the immigrations officer in Olso, much to the chagrin of my fellow travelers waiting in line behind me. She offered me some very helpful advice about my luggage; advice that contradicted the instructions provided by the checkin lady at Newark. Ultimately the Oslo Lady was correct! She saved me from luggage hell.

Not much on the agenda tomorrow. The guesthouse where I'm staying offers a kayaking trip and glacier hike. But I decide to pass, I'll be kayaking for at least 7 day trips on the trip I'm about to embark on. And I did glacier climbing/hiking in South America. BTGTGTTH.

Instead, tomorrow will be a day of rest. Licking my wounds from another day of stock market declines, reading "Too Big to Fail" and walking around this tiny town that I'm now staying. It's extremely expensive here, looks a little bit like Iceland, but much more remote and primitive. I'm guesting the walk around town will take an hour.

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