December 10, 2011

Belize Almost

Packed and ready to depart. Called cab the night before, cab driver called at 3:45AM to confirm my 4:30AM pickup, for a 5:30AM flight. I knew, I was cutting it close, but the last few times I few, I'd be waiting around, plus it was early and I didn't expect it to be that crowded. Taxi arrives at my place on time, takes me to the airport, I get there at 4:45AM, I check in my luggage, clear security, arrive at gate, only a few people are waiting. I think "oh I'm early".

Being groggy, I didn't look at my watch, I ventured to DnD for a coffee and muffin, then purchased a pen, which I forgot to bring, and headed back to the gate. I sit for a while organizing my carry-on, and then look up at the flight board - DEPARTED. What?

Thinking back on it, when I saw very few people waiting, I'd guessed it was because the plane boarded, not that people haven't arrived, which I assumed.

Oh well, I have the same exact flight booked for tomorrow. If all goes well I should be in Belize by 12 noon. They scheduled a water taxi (which isn't cheap) to shuttle me to the boat. Loss: 1 day of diving and cost of the water taxi.

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