April 07, 2012

Sharks at Blue Corner

Palau was amazing. I've heard many divers say it's their favorite place to dive. Now I understand why. It has amazing visibility and diversity.

In general, diving in the Pacific, compared to the Atlantic, is generally better. The water is clearer, the sunlight seems to penetrate the water differently, and the diversity of fish is much greater as compared to the Atlantic.

In Palau, one can view reef sharks (sometimes as many as 25 at a time), an incredible variety of tropical fish and large schools of fish, the visibility is spectacular, the corals enormous and pristine, and in addition on land a WW2 battle sites and tropical paradise.

The video above was taken at Blue Corner. We used reef hooks to tether ourselves to the reef and watch the sharks, butterfly and red-tooth triggerfish swim by/ around. Sharks swam as close as 5 ft from us. Close enough to look in their eyes and see the texture of their skin.

Captain's Log

Disclaimer: I am not the photographer on any of the underwater pictures, only the land pics. All underwater pics were taken by a very, very generous co-diver Audrey, who shared. I was present on most of the dives when the pics were taken, nonetheless.

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