July 01, 2012

Whitney's Church

Dear Pastor,

Last Sunday as I was driving back home with the worship service ringing in my ears, I decided I must send a note to thank your church for the wonderful time my friend Mike and I had. We’ve been friends for twenty years or so since grad school, and this is something we had not considered doing till he suggested we should go sometime to the church Whitney Houston grew up in. Thanks to the phenomenal choir, the dynamic assistant pastor (who we met at Je’s later during lunch), the amazing band, and the congregation for an awesome time in the presence of Jesus.
In addition, I also decided to share with you a prayer of thanksgiving I wrote based on a favorite Psalm  after the passage of the Healthcare bill a couple of years ago.
Mike and I were sitting around the 4th pew, near the wonderful ladies dressed in white. Hopefully, we did not ruin the formation, but they were so gracious, so if we come again we’ll probably sit right there. I belong to *___* Church in *____* PA a non-denominational church, while Mike is an atheist, so this was quite an experience for the both of us, particularly for him, not having attended live, what on that day I designated as “Serious Worship.”
Sometimes I walk around wondering whether I’m the only one witnessing wondrous miracles in front of our very own eyes as the Almighty God uses our President Barack Obama as his instrument -  to end a war, bring justice to terrorists with the elegance of our Navy Seals, address the Muslim world with respect from Cairo, after which they stop looking at us Americans as scapegoats, look at themselves and their dictators, and see what is going on with the Arab Spring, bringing financial reform, increase healthcare for those who need it, etc, etc. – Thank you for having a place where it is OK to Praise God and lift up his Holy Name on controversial stuff like Healthcare.
My Friend

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