January 15, 2013

Off to Easter Island/ Rapa Nui

Evidently, while in Mendoza, the airline tried calling to inform me my plane was delayed, but I didn't answer my phone. I didn't know who was calling, and I assumed whoever it was would email me if it was important. Anyway, when I arrived in Santiago, I was informed my plane was delayed and I'd be arriving on Easter Island/Rapa Nui at 3:30AM instead of 11PM. I already made arrangements for hotel owner, where I would be staying, to pick me up at 11PM, now I would have to change it and wait in the airport longer. I became somewhat irritated. (I've learned this a good thing, the more irate, the more they will assist, especially in airports.)

 Because of my irritation the airline offered me a hotel room for the 6 hours wait free of charge. It was a very nice hotel, downtown Santiago. But all rooms were occupied so the gave me the handicap room, but still outside the bedroom window was pool. My stay also included lunch and dinner, plus I was able to shower. This eased my irritation.

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