April 30, 2014

Hillary 2016: Obama sets economic stage

W. Bush will be know for: 1) allowing the U.S. to be attached on 9/11 (or at least did not prevent it) ; 2) waging a war of choice on Iraq, and 3) allowing banks to regulate themselves (deregulation and free market) which in turn crushed the housing and labor markets.

Obama will be know for: 1) creating ObamaCare and rolling it out with on a faulty website, 2) keeping a terrorist hit list and kill terrorist (including Osama bin Laden), and 3) fixing the economy over five years.

People don't forget.  Hard to believe the public will return the White House to the Republicans, especially when Hillary is awaiting.   Remember Reagan/Bush? Reagan revived the economy after the 2nd worst President ever, Jimmy Carter.  Obama following the worst President every.  The next succession is gonna be Obama/Clinton.  Plus it's about time for female President.

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