June 19, 2014

Mt. Elbrus - Delayed

Well, I tried picking up my speed and milage this spring. Typically when this occurs the shin splints set in and they did.  I changed running shoes to newer ones with better cushions and continued to run, trying to ignoring the uncomfortable pain.

I have had shin splints numerous times before and they always go away, if you take it easy.  Well I didn't.  Now I have a stress fracture and it's extremely painful.  The doctor said I be crazy climbing Mt. Elbrus - highest mountain on the European Contingent. I thought about it. I probably could climb, except I'd have to carry a heavy pack on.  And it wouldn't be the accent that would be painful, but the impact on the leg/bone during the decent.  I delayed the trip to next year.

I purchased travel insurance, so my airfare could be re-emburst, with a doctor's note, which I had.  However, when I placed the claim, the insurance company said I need to cancel the flight first. Upon canceling the flight, Aeroflot (Russian Airline) refunded my entire ticket, except for $100 cancelation fee, which the insurance company will reimburse me. That was a surprise. My deposit with the climbing company can be transferred to next year.

Now I have to find somewhere less strenuous to travel this summer... not sure where.

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