June 29, 2014

My First Norwalk Apt

My first apartment in Norwalk was above a connivence store, bar/lounge, laundromat, and empty chinese food restaurant. Yes, that's my front door. The chickens belong to the neighbor. The view is from my back window. A penny saved is a penny earned. I'm so cheap.

I'd rather spend every cent earned on seeking adventures, traveling, having fun, than paying rent. Paying rent or a mortgage is boring.  In the end you own a home, but in the end you're also dead.

I did buy a house that I'm renovating, because I'm bored. But after the renovation it's completed, I expect to sell it. The house is locate on is the main road to the Norwalk beach and boat docks. The traffic is driving me crazy.  It's too noisy for my tastes. Plus I'd rather live in a larger city.

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