June 01, 2014

Best Meal Ever - Pierre Gagnaire

Pierre Gagnaire - It was the most amazing eating experience I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing, especially the wine pairing with ever course. The wine steward enhanced the experience by describing what to expect from the wine - like salty or smoky. Each wine complementing the food course in which it was served.  More restaurants should offer this.

Another highlight was the oyster and cockles in a brown sauce with barley. The sweetbreads were incredible. I'll order them again, without a doubt, next time I have the chance. And the duck main course with the green cabbage puree sprinkled with crispy smoke duck skin bits rounded out the meal, prior to the dessert. Oh yeah, I can't for get the citrus butter!  The only partial fails were the dentex fish, it was a bit to strong to be paired with the shrimp in which it was served, and the aspic, just not a fan of aspic, especially after the incredible duck dish. The aspic should have been served as a starter, in my opinion.


Esprit Pierre Gagnaire
Spring /1/

Clear mullet jelly with maco artichoke; 
red tuna/eggplant/poivrades.
Rillette, grilled piquillos, granny smith apple and black garlic.

Royale of tarragon, green asparagus tips from the Alpilles region,
fresh broad beans, young leaks, pistes ; 
Carrot juice emulsified with olive oil.

Cocotte of morel mushrooms with a coffee/yellow wine sauce ;
paris mushrooms Abbé Nollet, cebette onions spiced with
madras curry.
Consommé of chicken thickened with parmesan cheese :
raw ham and figatellu from Corsica, Green mousseline,
peas ice-cream.
Boudeuses oysters and Rouge cockles, nettle shortbread
flavoured with arroche salad.

Dentex with salt, gambero rosso seared on the grill and
macerated in hollyberry brandy ;
bette ribs, cordifole salad and chicory.
The bisque…

Kernel of crunchy veal sweetbreads, date leaf flavoured with shiso ;
crispy daïkon turnip.
Agria potatoes craquottes.

Aiguillettes of duckling from Les Dombes, coeur de boeuf tomato
spred with preserved lemon paste, fresh ginger ;
tangy juice perfumed with épine-vinette.

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