April 08, 2016

Nashville Tennessee - Day 1

Fried Chicken, Mac'n Cheese, Slow Cooked Beans w/ Pork
Manhattan and Attitude 

The ambiance of the hotel under the atrium was spectacular – lots of greenery, floral scenery, waterfalls, and ponds.  However, the amenities under the atrium were very inefficient.  It felt like a cruise ship.  

The Grand Ole Opry was not what I expected it to be like, but I can say I went and experienced it.  Now that I reflexed I’m not sure what I originally expected.  It exudes the country music old guard white supremacy and racism attitude. No thank you.

We visited the Parthenon, because it was there and… well the structure is grand, but that’s about it.  It’s a very odd structure to find in the middle of Nashville. It was built for the city’s centennial and still remains, but not sure why.

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