May 08, 2017

Southern Tier - O'Leno State Park, FL

O'Leno State Park was fine, except that there was no "hiker/biker" "tents only" campsite, so I had to pay $25 to camp in a RV site with electric and water hookup, but I used neither.  

In the site next to me, about 30 ft away, a couple started arguing and playing loud country music at 10 pm.  By 10:30 after a shouting match, the guy got into his truck and left.  The woman had her own car and eventually packed up and left too.  They were both very drunk and angry at each other.  

In the campsite on the other side of me, was a huge RV with a family of four.  The father was nice. He worked in finance, but I really wasn't in the mood to chat.   He offered me a s'mores, but declined and hid in my tent.  

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