June 04, 2011

Been A While

Computer was in the shop. Diving home from Weston MA on Memorial Day, after a weekend filled with fun, food, laughing and lots of draaannkks, I knew my car was on the fritz (speculating transmission issues) but my computer also died when I got home. I washed it with windex and the keyboard stopped functioning. Lucky I have AppleCare and the Apple store is located a short 15 minute walk away. And I back up my hard drive weekly. On Wednesday, AppleCare called said they replaced the keyboard, logic board, USB drives and hard drive. I had no clue why but I basically have a new computer. It took only 20 minutes to reverse my backup and I was good to go!

As for my car, I took it to the garage on Tuesday, in the AM. At noon the mechanic confirmed that it was the transmission and confessed he doesn't repair transmissions. He's old and semi-retired. Like me previously. Anyway, we transferred the car to his friend's garage, where as of Friday afternoon, his friend told me three people (mechanics I assume) have driven the car and they all agree it's NOT the transmission. It's something else, but they don't know what. Some good news in exchange for no news. Entire weekend in CT, but such a beautiful weekend it is.

Weekend plans: 1) Find a local doctor to schedule a physical. My shoulder has been aching for no reason. Possibly just old age, or to much Chinese food, 2) Prepare for Iceland scuba trip. I've been reading a lot about Iceland online and purchased a few additional books, 3) See the Woody Allen "Midnight in Paris" movie. It received some decent reviews. 4) Study some statistics for a work project. 5) Visit the new bike shop around the corner from my house. 6) Research Toyota Priuses online. Perhaps new car time.

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