June 04, 2011


What's an Irony-pop?

The Next Generation. The conservative 50's, legalization of the birth control pill in 1960, Vietnam War, black civil rights, along with the assassination of a young president created the decade of the sixties and radical hippy movement.

The potential impeachment of a lying president, a decade of a horrendous economy (high gas prices, low growth and inflation) and a wimpy president during the late 70's created the 80's and ultra conservatism movement.

Reagan, the fall of Communism, the rise of Wall Street against the backdrop of Madonna, big hair and leg warmers epitomized the 80's. AIDS and bad corporately owned music assisted.

The 90's were basically none existent except for technology, the PC, Microsoft, the www and a Blow Job. The economy boomed. Albeit, the decade reversed in one day. The day created hundreds of thousand of TSA jobs.

W. Bush was gifted the crisis of a generation. All great presidents are defined by a major crisis, but he blew it. He unwittingly turned 9/11 into a very unpopular war and tried scaring the country with daily threats of terrorist attacks, while the bankers created the biggest housing bubble due to lack of regulation.

Lady Gaga, with the assistance of Obama, introduced the 2nd decade in the new millennium. Together they crushed racism, ignorance and conservatism. Multiculturalism is in. Religion is out. Education is in. Working hard is out. Owning things is out. Irony and making fun of old people are in.

There's isn't a need to create, recycling is enough. Hence the Irony-pops! Scions of Popular Irony.

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