August 01, 2011

Obama: We Have A Deal On the Table

Basically, Obama has shifted to the center with this deal. Basically, where he needs to be for the next election. Independent are glad he compromised. Democratic voter are furious that he didn't push for a tax increase for the wealthy. Establishment Republicans are ecstatic they got almost exactly what they wanted. Tea Party Republicans portrayed themselves as kooks, willing to let the country default, if they had it their way.

Not sure what the voting out come will be today and tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be dramatic. The House needs some of Nancy Pelosi Democratic members to pass the bill I sure, just how many nobody knows yet, I'm guessing. Boehner has shot himself in the foot. The tea party has him in their back pocket. This should be interesting now, since he'll now need the Democrats to pass his bill. Very interesting drama in Washington these last two weeks. But no one will know who really won until the next election.

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