September 12, 2011

Day 8 - Rypefjord, Rødefjord, Fønfjord

We cruised south into Rødfjord where to the west mountains >2100 m in height contain the same sedimentary rocks on the lower slopes as those in Rypefjord. Much older metamorphic rocks (1.4 Ga) are higher on the slopes. To the east is Milne Land rising to nearly 1900 m and composed of metamorphic rock, mostly gneiss.

The Fjord was another iceberg alley. Icebergs, this time from Vestfjoden, were set against a background of snow-capped mountains.

After dinner we turned east into Scoresby Sund. To end the evening, the Chinese students presented a Mid-Autumn Festival. Through dance, drama and song they told of the origin of the Festival. They ended their show with a love song: “The Moon’s My Heart.” Theirs was a charming performance that was enjoyed and applauded by all.

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