September 13, 2011

Day 9 - Hekla Havn; Vikingebukta

We woke up to a glorious sunrise heralding yet another clear, sunny day. The air was calm and relatively warm (4 degrees Celsius).

The sea kayakers got a chance to go kayaking in waters first navigated by the Thule people – the original kayakers!

We were fortunate enough to witness some incredible events, including the breakup of one truly massive iceberg, which rolled almost all the way over with a cacophony that echoed throughout the primeval landscape.

Later in the afternoon we arrived at Vikingebukta where we embarked on a Zodiac cruise. Here a large glacier could be seen entering the sea. Icebergs of every size formed a thick blanket across the water near the glacier, making a close approach impossible. This was an excellent opportunity to enter areas of brash ice, turn off our engines, and experience all the sounds of this Arctic wilderness.

All around us the brash ice was crackling and popping, while calving events farther away caused sonorous booms to echo across the fjord. For dinner we were treated to a fabulous BBQ dinner served outside in full view of the pristine glacial landscape.

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