September 29, 2012

Best Speech of DNC: Bill Clinton's

Four years ago, Obama was Bill Clinton nemesis. He adeptly "stole" the Democratic Nomination from Hillary. Bill and his Democratic crones didn't see Barack as a serious threat, and felt that the nomination was rightful Hillary's. If Hillary did get the nomination, she would have been President today, no doubt about it.

Let me say, I'm no Bill Clinton Stan. When he was President, I was in grad school and wasn't really focused on politics.  It wasn't until 2003, after W. Bush lied about the WMD and declared war on Iraq, that I became infatuated with politics once again.  But even with that said, Clinton's speech at the DNC was the highlight of the convention. It surpassed even Obama's speech. And most Democrats are aware of the animosities Bill held against Barack at one time, so the current unyielding support for Barack by Bill is new founded.

Bill Clinton's support for Barack isn't entirely selfless either. If Obama wins in 2012, then in four years the economy should be peaking, which makes a great transition of the Presidency over to Hillary, similar to Reagan/Bush in 1988.

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