October 31, 2012

Electoral Vote Update

With six days left to the election, clearly Obama has the electoral vote lead. Obama 294 vs. Romney 244. ( 270 to win). I still believe Obama will win Colorado, and the final tally will be Obama 303 vs. Romney 235.

Sequence to Romney's demise:

1) Over summer, Obama campaign introduced Romney as a greedy, corporate elite that was only interested in the wealthy and corporations.

2) 47% recording leaks. ROMNEY'S TRUE DEMISE.  Romney says in his own word that he is only interested in the wealthy 53% of American. 47% are moochers. Whoever recorded that tape should get credit for Obama's re-election.

3) Late summer, housing market bottom declared, unemployment drops below 8%, stock market continues to increase, consumer confidence improves.

4) Romney killed Obama on the first debate (I'm still not convinced Obama's team didn't plan it that way to make Obama look like the come back kid), then Obama comes back strong during the last two debates, stanching and reversing Romney's rise in the polls.

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