April 26, 2017

Southern Tier - Austin

After driving to Austin and touring the LBJ Library, the pain in my leg became unbearable.  I finally broke down and purchased a bottle of Tylenol.  Over the subsequent 24 hours, I consumed 16 of them to relieve the pain so I could walk and sleep. The pain seemed to be increasing.  My body was rejecting my cycling effort! How rude of it! 

Over a four day period in Austin, I visited an urgent care facility, a hip doctor and a chiropractor.  The common diagnosis was my hip has become inflamed from extensive cycling, perhaps not having the seat adjusted properly and a lack of stretching.  In technical terms, I have Hip (Trochanteric) Bursitis. It's when the bursae (the lubricant sack that covers the hip bone) becomes inflamed.  After two injects in the backside/hip and one back adjustment later, most of the extreme pain subsided.

Overnights at motels started to become more frequent.  Since I am no longer cycling all day, but hanging out, resting. It's easier to hangout and rest in a motel, than a campsite.  Plus, I have a lot of credit card travel miles to burn.

While in Austin, I did have the opportunity of checking out a lot of local eateries, since I was a lot more mobile in a car than on a bike. When on a bike, once I reach camp or a motel after cycling all day, I rarely venture out and explore.

I walked around the University of Texas on Easter Sunday.  The campus was empty!

 A number of people suggested watching the bats, so I did. It was amazing. I  was a unique experience, I must admit. Basically, there is nothing and everything is silent, except for people waiting, then the bats appear in the hundreds of thousands, on cue. And the continue to fly and eat the insects in the air. Looks like a scene from a 50's horror film.

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