April 26, 2017

Southern Tier - Central Texas

An oasis in the desert, Amistad National Recreation Area surrounding Amistad reservoir is best know for excellent water-based recreation, camping, and hiking. 

The 40 mile stretch from Seminole Canyon to Del Rio was a killer.  My leg/hip had issues prior, but the strong headwinds required extra leg strength and effort.

Massive herd of goats.

The number of nights staying at cheap motels started to eclipse the night staying at campgrounds.  Why pay $21 for a campsite and sleep on the ground when I could pay $33 for a motel with a private bath and wifi?  Cheap motels are plentiful in TX. 

After cycling in the headwinds from Seminole Canyon to Del Rio TX, I started to realize something significantly was wrong with my leg/hip and rented a car and drove to Austin, where I assumed the medical assistance would be of slightly better quality then Del Rio.

Rocksprings TX!

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