April 26, 2017

Southern Tier - LBJ Ranch and Library

Since I had a car, I was able to spend more time sightseeing.  I visited LBJ's ranch on my way to Austin.  Much of the decor in the house was kept exactly the same was when LBJ lived there. It was a bit of a time warp.

LBJ and Lady Bird Johnson's resting grounds.

This was LBJ's non-whitehouse, whitehouse while he was POTUS.  It'd be comparable to Trump's Mar a Largo or George H Bush's Kennebunkport.  He held Whitehouse staff meetings on the property  outside under that live oak tree in the front of the house.  

At the LBJ Library in Austin there was a replica of the Oval office.  To the right (not pictured) were three side by side TVs where LBJ would watch CBS, NBC, and ABC news simultaneous. Supposably, if he didn't like what was airing on the nightly news he's call the network head and complain.

Personally, I never felt like Johnson was a President that the people elected "freely". I've always had the sense he was elected in 1964, because of JFK's assassination.  The American people saw him as an extension of JFK's term and policies, therefore voted for him to ensure JFK's ideas and policies would be enacted.  In 1968, I feel he had that realized to and decided not to run again for reelection.

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