April 06, 2017

Southern Tier Cycling - Arizona

Western Arizona landscape was absolutely amazing.... cactuses (cacti) throughout...

State Park campsite in Apache Junction. About an hour after this photo was taken, the winds picked up to 30 mph. I had to remain  in the the tent to anchor it. Otherwise, it would have blown away. I glanced outside and dark storm clouds were approaching.  Then it downpour for about 20 minutes.  Rain was leading through the tent. Water was running under the tent. Then it all stopped. And within an hour, everything was dry again. The desert! 

Spring flowers were beautiful! 

Probably the most scenic day of the entire trip so far was cycling along Theodore Roosevelt Lake in AZ.

Another pic of the Theodore Roosevelt Lake in AZ

And a selfie with Theodore Roosevelt Lake in AZ in the background.

Always a welcome sign! To be honest, I was surprised by the number of inclines and declines along the route in Southern CA, AZ, and NM.  For some reason, I was expecting the terrain to be flatter.  I was wrong. 

The southwest offers many low-end motel options to camping.  And the cost of the motels aren't that much more then an campsite.  The campsites were $20 per night and this hotel was $33.  For a private bathroom, a bed, AC, and internet the extra $13 was worth it. 

The U.S. is full of surprised.  However, this trip has quenched my desire to experience the region. And I've decided it's not for me - too dry, sunny and brown.  I'd miss the humidity, clouds and lush green of the Northeast.

I've learned that it's imperative to clean, lubricate and tweak the brake and shifting cables every other week. It make a huge difference. 

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