April 09, 2017

Southern Tier - New Mexico

Believe it or not, there are a lot of mountains in NM.  Great scenery.... 

Made it to New Mexico (obviously) 

Based on this trip, I've decide I could never live in the U.S southwest.  Everything is dry, and yellow and very bright.  I would miss rainy days with overcast skies and the lush green lush of spring.  

Percha Dam State Park....

Every evening or at least every few days, planning is necessary to assess (and somethings re-assess) the route, and approximate the riding distance for the next few days, and correlate that distance with a place to spend the night - either motel or campsite.

Spent the day in Deming NM, with Andrea. She was selling her extra horse tack at a sale.  It gave us a chance to catch up. 

When to dinner with Andrea - Texan prime rib and baked potato! Excellent! 

After 30 years, we reunited.  Spent the day and then had dinner together.  Great catching up.


Bob said...

How do you know Andrea, Mike?

Mike said...

From HS FFA. Plus she was 3 years ahead of us at Cook. I commuted w/ her second semester freshman year, when she was a junior. She graduated in 1988 and went to Ohio State to get her Vet degree. I lost touch w/ her then.